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Have you been wracking your brain trying to come up with an exciting, unique way to welcome your guests to your ceremony or event?
Maitcomp Printers offers a way to greet your guests and memorialize any type of occasion. Whether you’re having a wedding, birthday, engagement party, baby shower, or any other type of special event, our welcome signs will make sure that’s it’s a day that everyone will remember.
If our standard sizes doesn’t suit your needs, don’t worry! Our team of design experts will discuss the vision you have for your custom sign and create one to your exact specifications. We can find the exact color and size that’s right for you.

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Welcome Sign & Selfie Frame

The welcome board and personalized selfie sign have become very popular these days. These beautiful and full colour signs allow you to not only personalise the experience, but also add colour and design to your event.

Welcome Board Types and Uses

Event boards often used are Insta photo booth frames, welcome birthday sign boards, wedding reception seating charts and baby shower welcome signs. I have elaborated below on each of these welcome signs, to provide you with some of the basics of these boards

The Instagram Selfie Frame

This Instagram photo booth frame adds some fun to your photos. Your guests will use it to take some interesting pictures on your special day. They can take individual or group photos holding the instaframe. Not only does the insta pic frame add some colour and design to your photos but also important information like the date and title of your event. Titles for eg. my 16th birthday or our wedding day. The sky is the limit and the greatest part is, all this will appear on your photos. You can also take it a step further by asking your guests to wear funny hats or other items for a bit of excitement. Who will forget your favourite cousin wearing ridiculously big pair of glasses and a silly top hat?
There are many selfie frame board ideas online and even some pre-design photo booth frame designs you can use and personalise.

Baby Shower Welcome Sign

Using soft pastel colours and a handwritten font, imagine the cutest “welcome to my baby shower” board you can think of. You may even add a photo or more of you with your baby bump and a radiant glow. Welcome signs have become essential to baby showers as it greets your family and friends at the door, making them feel welcome and letting them know they at the right place. Not to mention what a beautiful photo it would make for your scrapbook. Welcome signs for baby showers are printed in full colour in high definition, leaving no detail out.
Popular these days are the welcome to my baby shower chalkboard design. We can help you design a sign that looks like a chalkboard with a chalk style font to compliment your design.
A gift table sign makes it clear for everybody where to leave their gifts, sometimes you just do not know where to put it.

Wedding Reception Seating Chart and Other Signs

You get the most breathtaking venues these days but some of them are at hard to find places. You have been there once or twice but what about your aunt and uncle, who does not know the area well, will get lost. Google maps can only take you so far and some of the smaller roads are not always clearly marked.
This is where directional and entrance sign boards are so helpful. We can print your name and an image of your choosing on these boards. The directional boards will have arrows that you can point in any direction, making it easy to direct to your venue.
An entrance sign at the main road and at the venue will let your guests know they have arrived at your wedding or wedding reception. There are a few things worse than arriving after the bride because you took the wrong turn.
The banquette table seating arrangement is also important or people will not know where to sit. Your mother might end up next to your mother in law and just imagine the discussion they will have, about you. The banquet seating layout will be print in full colour and high quality. You may add flowers in any colour you desire, to make the seating chart match your colour scheme and theme. A seating plan is a must and you will find many ideas or designs online.
Don’t forget that thank you sign and gift table sign as grateful people receive better gifts!

Happy Birthday Welcome sign board

Avengers, Spiderman, Batman or my little pony. We personalise and print any welcome to my birthday sign in full colour, making it possible to print a board that matches your theme. If your child thinks you are the greatest parent, then everybody is happy!
A Welcome board for a birthday will let your guests feel welcome and let them know they are at the right venue. These party boards also adds to the decoration and theme, as we can print many of the characters or the name of the birthday boy or girl, on the birthday boards. Just tie a few colourful balloons to the corners of these signs and you are golden. Personalised picture boards are also popular, photos of the birthday guy or girl taken over the years display to everyone’s delight. A bit like a printed timeline.

Welcome Sign Materials

Corrugated plastic or correx boards, as they are commonly known, is a very cost-effective ways of printing welcome signs. Due to the low cost, correx boards are perfect. They are also waterproof and firm enough to stand on their own. Unlike a poster that needs to be supported by a frame or a wall
Compressed foam board is also often used it is a solid board with a smooth surface, but these boards can be more costly than correx for example. Especially it is only going to be used once.
Hardboard or wooden board can be used. If the wood is not white or light in colour, the text may be difficult to ready.
Clear acrylic has the effect of glass and can create a very modern and fresh look but acrylic is an expensive material and may affect your budget
All these materials can be laser cut to any shape you may desire eg shape of a rose or a heart. The cost to cut it will be additional as these boards are mostly rectangular

Design of a Welcome sign

As mentioned you will find a lot of great design ideas online to create your own artwork. You will also find a lot of ready-to-use design layouts you can just update your details. A third option can be for us to assist you in designing your personalized Instagram frame or welcome sign. We can use your colour scheme and images to match your theme.
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a2, 420mm x 594mm, a1, 594mm x 841mm, 800mm x 1200


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